Posted by: grantahelms | November 10, 2011

I understand, I think!

Over the course of my life, I have always considered myself a good communicator. Normally, I try not to make sudden decisions or comments. I usually think really hard about what I’m going to say before opening the pie hole. Unfortunately, at times, there is a lapse of communication between the ears and the mouth. For years I’ve considered that I had a virus in the mother board in my head. Recently though, I’ve decided that I have faulty ears. Sometime during construction, my interpretation chip was misplaced.

Seems that when I’m listening to others talking, I’m misinterpreting what is actually being said. Example: I hear” Are you going to town today?”. What is actually being said is” If your going to town today, can you…”. How could I have missed that? Or,” Are you going to be finished with the job today?” when the actual meaning is ” If you’re not finished today, you won’t get paid until next month!”. I don’t understand. Why can’t people just say what they mean?

Then I realize that everyone is just like me: Politically correct. What have we become? Mom and Dad always said ” Black is black, white is white”. So, I suppose: Gay is happy. Faggot is a piece of wood. Homosexual is,well, homosexual. Please, just say what you mean. Otherwise, I’ll be confused.

On that note, I’m white (not caucasian), average intelligence, fat (not morbidly obese), married, father (not sperm donor) and very,very happy. Oh yes, by the way, I’m a Christian. In other words, I am a God-fearing, Bible believing, WMHK listening child of God. So whether you believe or not, God bless everyone. Even you. You know who you are. Later.




  1. This is why I long ago adopted the following: Specificity is the rule.

    Say precisely what you mean.
    Ask the question to which you want an answer.
    Do not interpret.
    Answer the question which was asked, regardless of what the poser wanted to know.

    I irritate everyone I meet, so it must work.

    • Thanks for the comment. At this time I must find the dictionary to interpret all the big words. Haha.

  2. I have the same problem with my Mum . . . “I’m hungry” – “Please make me something to eat.” “I forgot my water in the other room.” – Please get my water from the other room.” I’m hoping for a translation app. It will save me a lot of false starts.

    Like the post.

    • Thanks for the comment and welcome to my journey.

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