Posted by: grantahelms | November 14, 2011

Slumlord or Bad Tenant # 2

Greetings. Back to conversation # 1. I think we established that the tenant was at fault. Little do you. When the toilet wouldn’t flush, I had to replace it. Why? A chicken bone and half of a coffee cup were stuck in the s-trap section of the toilet. The electrical problem mentioned in #1 was due to removal of outlet cover and a nail grounding between live and neutral posts. Also, the ladies grandchildren used the air conditioning unit as a trampoline and bent the cover. So much is the tenants fault. But now, the rest of the story…

The contractor. You would think that the contractors participating in a redevelopment program, being funded by tax dollars, would be ” creme de la crop”. Ha, fat chance. While searching for the electrical problem, I found countless junction boxes without covers, live wires capped with tape only( no plastic caps), flexible duct joined only with duct tape( no metal connector sleeves), and I could ramble on. I thought that it couldn’t get any worse.

But I was so wrong. This last episode spoke Volumes. To fix the floors the contractor installed 1 layer of 1/2″ plywood over the existing floor. This caused water retention and mold. The house originally had plaster and lathe on the walls. During a previous remodel, another 1/2″ of sheet rock was added. So, what does this idiot do? You guessed it, another layer of sheet rock. Because of mold we had to remove this to the studs. Then we had to shim out 1 1/2″s before replacing sheet rock.  We also found junction boxes hidden in the walls, open sewer vents in kitchen and bath and the water leak caused the wall seals to deteriorate. How could this have passed inspection? How could this contractor be allowed to work? Maybe we’ll discuss this next time, Good night.



  1. I was married to a carpenter. One of the things he and his coworkers were fond of saying . . . “You can’t see it from my house.” It is scary what some professional consider acceptable work.

    • Thanks for the comment Dee. This is part of the reason that I don’t do the whole corporate thing any more. Can’t see it from my house, but if I’m not happy the customer shouldn’t be.

  2. So, then enters my question of why the landlord did not notice, speak up, burn the house down. And how did it manage to pass inspection? Is this a matter of everyone involved’s “give a damn” being busted? *Rolls up sleeves and stirs cauldron slowly*

    • Do not understand it passing inspection. All I know is that I plan to ruffle some feathers finding out! What the heck. They don’t like me at Lancaster County Building and Zoning anyhow.

      • I think that is a superb idea. Obviously someone is not performing up to standard.

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