Posted by: grantahelms | November 25, 2011

Baah Humbug!!!

Hello everyone! Ah, Christmas. One of my favorite times of year. Spiritually, one of the major markers of my beliefs. Personally, I love toys. I love receiving gifts. I love seeing the looks on my loved ones faces. Heck, I’m Baptist, and you know what that means: I love to eat. Turkey, ham, sausage balls, Lil’ Smokies Sausages in B-B-Q sauce and grape jelly, smashed potatoes, candied yams,beans( green, lima, baked), green bean casserole, corn on cob, Brussel sprouts, greens( collard, mustard, turnip), asparagus, venison neck roast. The descriptions are endless. And that doesn’t include breads( biscuits, rolls, cornbread) or desserts. Be right back, I’m hungry……

OK. With so much joy(FOOD), why am I humbug? Well, the retailers begin marketing Christmas the day after Halloween, the broadcasters begin Christmas programming on Thanksgiving Day and my wife begins the decorating process on Black Friday. Heck, after 2 months of Christmas motivation, when the day finally gets here I’m burned out. The worst part of it is, when it’s over, we RAPIDLY remove all signs. Tree down, lights and decorations thrown in boxes and put in storage,not to see the light of day for another 335 days. So here we are.

Today, the boxes breathed a sigh of relief as they saw the sun shining. However, I was on the verge of using a few choice words as I spent to next 3 hours trying to untangle 20 something strands of lights. Then I spent another 2 hours making sure that they all worked. Baah Humbug! What ever happened to ” The Good Ole Days”? 2 strands of lights, decorated pine cones, popcorn strings and 2 dozen ornaments. Makes me wonder, why is Christmas so stressful? Duh! We make it that way. On a brighter note, please tell me your fondest Christmas memories. Thanks, Grant



  1. Walgreens had Christmas decorations in September. Really. I saw them. I’m surprised there aren’t cadberry eggs out.

    • Well, guess my facts were wrong again, LOL. Thanks for the visit Soxy.

  2. HAHAHA! I had the tree up and dressed last night! Porch is decorated and all I have left are the indoor garlands. If left to my own devices, the tree stays up until my birthday (or it is a total fire hazard).

    Fondest memory: My first Christmas with my oldest daughter. Just she and I under the Cmas tree. I was unwrapping things for her while she ate a bow. Would not trade that for all the fleas in the sand.


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