Posted by: grantahelms | November 25, 2011

Who I Am…Once, Forever

Yesterday I posted a blog about issues very close to my heart. During the comment section, it was pointed out to me that I shouldn’t force my religious beliefs on my readers. On this point I totally agree. So, to appease myself, I will take this time to tell you, once, forever, who Grant Helms is. After this I hope that everyone understands who I am, what I believe and what causes me to rant about the subjects that I use. At this time, anyone that is not interested may be excused.

As a child I was raised in a conservative Christian home. I had an uncle who was a pastor, an aunt who was a missionary and attended a church that my family helped found and build. I had many expecting great things from me. Guess what? I let them down. As a teenager I experimented with marijuana and alcohol. One day, while drinking, I started a fire that got me an arson conviction  and 3 years in prison. After this, I moved to Tennessee where I met my 1st wife. 1 year after the wedding we separated. For the next 6 months I stayed drunk and at the topless bar. Then, I met another girl who seemed to like me. Over the next 6 1/2 years, we lived together and made 4 children out-of-wedlock. Then, finally, I got a divorce and we married. I could care less about the things that I had learned as a child. But, my family never gave up on me. In November of 2003, I rededicated my life to the Lord. In the years since, I have served as a deacon, assisted with several volunteer projects and contributed to my community by helping needy families with free home repair, donations of clothing and furniture and just being there for others.

After all the pain and sorrow that I have caused in my life, it is a blessing for me to help others and to let my light shine before men. I’m not perfect, just forgiven. And that is what I want for others. I cannot force others to believe what I believe, and I’m OK with that. According to the Bible, we are to lead by example. This is what I strive to do daily, though I have my own cross to bear. What is this cross you may ask? Oh yeh, I’m a womanizer. My whole life women have been God’s most beautiful creation. It is a daily struggle controlling my human instinct. And, without the faith and belief that I have in God, I would fail miserably. So to make a long story short, I believe that I am no better than anyone else; Everyone will not agree with my beliefs, but I love them anyway; I will continue to live my life to glorify the Lord. If you continued reading, I thank you. As always, your comments and opinions are valued. At this point I am struggling with the option of continuing this blog. I don’t know if my heart can continue. If I chose to discontinue, I will be thankful for the time that we have shared and I intend to keep following your blogs. Thank you.



  1. It is always delightful when someone says this is me, thank you.

    • Thank you for everything.

  2. I think you are a wonderful man, foibles included. You needed all those things in your past and your current struggles to make you the man you are right this moment.

    You are touching our lives, especially when we disagree. If you can strike out such heated emotion, you are making the kind of impact you never expected when you started this blog.

    Whether you never write another word, you have (and do everyday) make a difference.

    Love you,

    • Thanks Red. I love you too. And, thanks for everything.

  3. this was a wonderful blog. Your honesty is healing

    • Thanks Steve. I appreciate the honesty and integrity that you bring to our relationship. Though sometimes I feel you are ” on the sidelines”, you are a wonderful friend who is always there for me. I truly appreciate the spiritual guidance that you bring, and I want to THANK YOU for helping me to be the man of God that I am. God Bless you Pastor, Grant

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