Posted by: grantahelms | December 2, 2011

The Gray Area In Between

When did the dating game become just that… a GAME. I guess as long as I can remember, it’s been that way. I just never noticed it until lately. Guess that just comes with age. Like glasses, arthritis, hemorrhoids and many others. It’s the craziest thing…Yes means No, No means No, Yes and No both mean Maybe. Where do you draw the line? Is it another case of ” What I said isn’t what you heard”. Or is it ” What I heard isn’t what you meant”?

Either way, if your on the black side or the white side, there are others stuck in the middle. The Gray Area. Colorless, drab, plain and boring. This is where I tend to be. Usually stuck in the middle. In a lawsuit at work, I’m stuck in the middle. In disillusioned relationships, I’m in the middle. In the case of a mother and Child Services, I’m in the middle. Sometimes I feel like the color-less rainbow on the Jimmy Dean commercial. Where’s my color? When do I get it back?

Right now! I’m tired of the gray area. It is my time to shine. Two of my children are Seniors this year. The youngest is a Junior, one of the top students in his class and a leader in JROTC. I, and my wife, have almost accomplished Step 6( kick the kids out). Almost time for Step 7(live happily ever after), and it seems that we will be doing this with 4 more children(6,5,3,1). Never had I thought that” Happily Ever After” would be this happy. Yes, I’m crazy. So now, in my crazy state of mind, I’m going to give MY TIPS OF WISDOM! If someone leads you to water, DRINK! Say what you mean,MEAN what you say! If you love something, let it go. If it comes back it’s yours, if not it never was! Don’t be a stalker! Everyone has their own lives. Let them live it. So much for now. I’m tired. If you have tips, please comment NOW!!!!! I’m not getting any younger! Love y’all, Grant



  1. Well, Grant some people just don’t know what they want, they won’t let go, or they won’t hang on. They don’t care how anyone else feels as long as they get what they want everything is fine and dandy.And I agree with you about saying what you mean, and mean what you say, and stick to it. This is all I have to say on this for now. Great article Grant.

    • DRINK deeply my friend, Grant

  2. You may think you are crazy, but if you are happy, my friend, stay that way! Even with the modified Step 7, happily ever after is always the goal. And if there is anyone on the planet who deserves a “happily ever after”, it is you.

    You read my post tonight…time for some writer pushback 😉 Shove off those who are crowding you and get to being happy all the time! Squeeze the itty-bitties for me. And be sure to tell your wife you love her (like I need to remind YOU).

    Happiness looks (and sounds) good on you!

  3. Thanks Red. Just WISH I could help others find the same happiness that I have found. Push the peas on the back burner, and LOVE THE HECK out of the BBQ ribs. Know what I mean? Sure you do. And as always, every time, I Love You,Grant

  4. Every happily ever after tends to wind down different roads and never seems to be just what we planned. Seems you stopped to pick up a few hitch-hikers and possibly that is part of the happily ever after for you all right now!

    I suspect your rainbow has more colors than you might be seeing, maybe you just need to take off the sunglasses.

    • Thanks for the support Val.

    • Thanks Val. Think this week I may explore my rainbow.

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