Posted by: grantahelms | December 6, 2011

My Rainbow; Hey the Colors Coming Back

Last week I mentioned in a post that I felt like the gray rainbow in the Jimmy Dean commercial, because I felt stuck in ” The Gray Area”. Well, today I noticed some vibrant colors coming back. It kind of upset me though when I began to analyze. I noticed red, orange, yellow, green, blue and a few lighter colors. Yeah, my color is coming back! Then I realized the prognosis.

Red was anger. Anger at parents who let their children down. Anger at parents who kill their children for no reason other than to make them be quiet. Anger at people who lie, and lie, and lie… Anger at people who use others for their own gain. Anger at a deer for jumping in front of my truck last Saturday night. That one quickly subsided as I had supper tonight. Pay back!

Orange was a fire burning deep in my soul. A deep burning passion to help others. To care for children. To help others right wrongs. To help relationships and friendships to grow and thrive. To be everything that my God and Creator intended. To be there for others in their darkest days and help show them the light, Jesus Christ.

Yellow, well that’s the tough one. That’s the stripe right down the middle of my back. Scared to tell people NO. Scared to tell people exactly what’s on my mind. Scared of hurting people’s feelings. Scared of caring for someone else’s children long-term. Scared of not being able to provide for my family. Scared to witness to people face to face. It’s easy on here. Heck, I don’t know most of you. Scared of the future. And most of all, scared of me. Down deep, I don’t know who I am.

Green is envy. Though I tend to be content with what I have, at times I find myself envious of others. Some write better than me. Some have bigger houses, better trucks, better tools, boats, motor cycles, all the necessities, right? Oh well, this is envy.

Blue is I’m sad. I’m sad about life. Wait a minute, I said sad not suicidal. I’m sad about the way people treat each other( especially the children), I’m sad that so many hypocrites have made others think we all are, I’m sad that so many only profess God at death, I’m sad that we can’t spend more time with our families, I’m sad that others don’t let us help until it’s to late. Let’s face it, I’m sad.

Examine your rainbows. What do they say to you? I would be really interested to know, Grant



  1. You would never know by the atrocious color in my house, but my life is vibrant with color.

    My Red is an everyday thing. It is very much my color. Anger, certainly. Passion, definitely. Fire within, got it.

    My blue is calm, the color of the sky after a rainstorm and the perfect backdrop for the promise of the rainbow…and it is double more often than I admit.

    My green is lively, the color of a leaf before it fully unfurls, tenderly seeking the light. It signifies the children in my life with their innocence and genuine love of laughter.

    My yellow is a sun ray, like the one which streams through my window making my screen glare just enough to drive me away from the machine to partake in life.

    My violet is cool, the wind in my hair. It takes the edge off hurt feelings and cools wounds.

    My orange is delicious, a sweet papaya swirled in cream. It is the color of reason and hunger.

    My indigo is the color of the night sky, bespeckled with twinkling stars. It signifies rest, forgiveness and replenishment.

    I love the color in my life.

    Thank you for making me think about this one. Love you,

    • Don’t you know that it’s my purpose in life, to make people stop and smell the roses. The only thing that made me mad, was that someone had stolen the pot of gold at the other end. Oh well, story of my life. Thanks for the insight Red.

  2. I will think about all mine later, I suspect they change regularly depending on what the day is.

    Nevertheless, I am truly happy that you have been able to sit back and take your sunglasses off.

    • Thanks Val. maybe one of these days I can be a peacock like Red. So many colors. Pretty.

      • *Grins proudly*

      • Thanks Red.

  3. I have many colors as you know Grant. But I don’t show them like I used to. Maybe one day I will. But then I may not, because as you know, when I do many people will get hurt and I don’t want that. So I will keep them to myself.

    • Thanks Baby, I love you more.

  4. Love it:) I think all of us have colors that fade in and out, swirling around our moods and life experiences, sometimes brighter, sometimes not. The saddest of all would be have no color at all!

    • Thanks Angela. Kudos on the comment, Grant

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