Posted by: grantahelms | December 6, 2011

Sincerest Apologies

Hello again my friends. I just want to THANK everyone who continues to read my rants and raves. I would especially like to thank those who critique and as I like to say ” spank me” for something that I may have said or insinuated. This past Sunday was such an example. A certain gentleman approached me and related the fact that, not only was he upset that I didn’t tell him about my Blog, he had become emotionally distraught about a reply that I had made to a comment someone had left. On November 26, my pastor had commented on my post and I made a reply saying that he was on the sidelines. Though my pastor understood, it seems that I need to expound on this subject for the rest of the Blog World.

I HAVE THE GREATEST PASTOR IN THE WORLD!!!!!! Over the last 25 years, I have attended numerous churches of various denominations. I have worked as a deacon, music leader, member of administrative business council and any other areas where my talents are needed. I have never had the kind of interaction with any of my former pastors as I have with this one. When I call, if he’s not working (regular job as a prison chaplain) he answers the phone with a hearty ” Hello brother!” or ” Grantster, how you doing?”. He always makes me feel loved. He’s like my #1 cheer leader. Hence, the sideline quote. I’m sure some of you are saying ” That’s his job”, but this is definitely a case of above and beyond.

My pastor is human. He has a family, 2 jobs(church and prison), practices for the church band during the week, counsels families outside of our church and various other things to numerous to mention. No, he’s not a God. He’s just a human who cares deeply for human life. My pastor is my greatest inspiration. Though he always tells me what a blessing we are, especially with these children, without his guidance I’m not so sure what I would be today. Thanks again Steve. And thanks again to one of my other spiritual advisors. I appreciate the spanking, Grant



  1. He is all of that and, as you said, too much more to mention. I am looking forward to my post about him next Wednesday 🙂

    Good save. Love you,

    • Just speaking the truth. Love you too.

  2. well…what am I to say to that…Grant you nailed it! Just Kidding. You were being honest before and I ask that you keep up the honesty with your self-reflection. Love you Grantster!

    • You’re right, I nailed it. You the man, Grant

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