Posted by: grantahelms | December 8, 2011

Super Hero or Super Villain

As a child, there is nothing better than Super Heroes.  I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to spin webs and swing from building to building? Or fly through the air like Superman? And what about the cool accessories that Batman has? The Batmobile? The Bat-bike? The Bat-jet? Or to have the responsibility of beating up the bad guys? Have you ever noticed though, that with all their differences, they have one thing in common? Their secret identities.

In this way, I guess we all qualify as Super Heroes. Have you ever done anything and wished to be anonymous? Ever paid for someone’s meal at a restaurant? Ever donated furniture, clothing, food, etc.? Guess that makes you a Super Hero. How does it make you feel? Why does doing good make us so uncomfortable? Or maybe from a religious perspective, if you remain anonymous it gives people the opportunity to praise God for a blessing. Whatever the reasons, enjoy! The world needs more Super Heroes.

But for every Good, there is an Evil. For every Super Hero there has to be a Super Villain. Do the villains have secret identities? Not normally in cartoons. In real life, it’s a different story. Priests and “good” parents who are child molesters. Motivational speakers and writers who are so insecure about their own lives, that they live through their followers. People who put on disguises to cover who they truly are. Bankers who embezzled money. Construction workers who short-cut to put more money in their own pockets. Mechanics who sell you an engine, when all you need is an oil pump. Do all these classify as villains? Not as colorful as the Joker, I must admit, but villains none the less.

Amazing how art mimics life isn’t it. Or maybe it’s the other way around. How many times in the last 10 years have I heard someone say that their idea came from a movie. Come on Hollywood, get a clue. Well, tired of ranting, but as always, your comments are welcome.



  1. Ah Grant, you identify the mini villains among us. Those who take the shortcuts and ‘get rich quick schemes’ at the expense of the rubes. It isn’t necessarily that they are villains so much as they are lazy, at least when they start out. Sometimes their need is great and they justify their actions with ‘their need is greater’.

    Greater than yours or mine, that is.

    Sometimes they are simply corrupted by envy and a social definition of success that seems so far out of reach for them they cut corners to achieve the outward symbols rather than the inward satisfactions.

    No matter, at the end of the day the do indeed become villains whether they started out that way or not.

    • Thanks Val. Just been thinking about comics and fairy tales with these children here. That plus all the crap piling up has given me a distorted view on things, mostly bad. You know villains, wolf in sheep’s clothing, etc. Guess you get the picture. The rainbow is getting brighter, now it’s time for life to.

  2. I think Val is right. The secret identity is not just for the “supers”. Each of us have the skeleton we would rather keep in the closet rather than dancing with it in the town square. Some people need the persona of perfection to keep themselves from the brink of anxiety-laden suicide. Still others are just villains at heart and criminal by nature.

    Every once in a while, I can find the humanity even in the vilest villain. The hurt so profound their entire lives are nothing but a bridge over a tumultuous gulf of emotion or fear. The ends do not justify the means, but the blindness of those around them who could intervene and make a difference renders the situation sad.

    Art does mimic life. Truly good artists take the turmoil of their lives and mold it into good for those around them by letting others learn from their mistakes. Now, if we could just convince Hollywood reality TV is not art, I think the world would be rid of a few super-villains.


    • Nice reflections Red. I received a message from a villain this morning.Evidently they don’t understand me. They said if I want to make money with this blog…blah,blah,blah. Hey villain, THIS IS MY RELEASE! Thanks again, Grant

      • LOL! Sounds like you could start a feature like my Friday night look at hate mail! Chin up! If you have someone who is complaining, you have someone who is reading! ❤ Red.

  3. I love this – so true. We all have that ‘other side’ (evil villian) in us, but some of us keep it in check a little better than others. Hopefully, those that read this will choose to be the super hero to someone else every day, even if it’s only to those in close proximity. After all, it really is a choice, isn’t it? Good job!

    • Thanks Angela. Always tell the truth, even when it hurts. And YES life is all about choices.

  4. Good post Grant. You left our self-serving politicians, talking heads and other distorters of the truth.


    • Thanks John. Sorry but I had people a little closer to home that I was referring to, Grant

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  6. We all want super hero’s in our lives, makes us feel safer at night. But most of us do have villains in our lives whether we want them or not. It is in our nature as humans. People who lie to others just to hurt them are villains. People who make up things about others are villains. People who cheat on their mate or partners are villains.So as you can see there are more villains than super hero’s. There are some good super hero’s out there and you Grant are one of them. Thank you for being my superhero!

    • Thanks Jim. Stop with the compliments though, don’t need anything squishing between my toes, Grant

  7. Thought of this post last night. After leaving a store, I lost my balance trying to step up on a curb and went backward in the street. A lady saw me and came running. A security officer was driving close and pulled up with his bubble lights on. I wasn’t hurt badly, but I could not stand up on my own. Another man came and between them, they got me up and to my van. I was so embarrassed, but they were all very kind and willing to help in anyway they could. I have felt the warmth of these ‘super heroes’ and their kindness all day today:) I call them angels, but they are also super heroes, willing to put aside their own lives to help a lady in distress – they still exist!

    • Thanks Angela. It’s always refreshing to hear such stories, Grant

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