Posted by: grantahelms | December 12, 2011

“We the People, of The United States of America…”

“We the People, of The United States of America, in order to form a more perfect union…” I think our Founding Fathers had some kind of vision, to risk everything: their lives, their livelihoods, their futures, in order to give us the freedoms that we enjoy today. Sometimes I wonder if they roll over in their graves daily because of what we have become. So many people, rich, poor, influential, inconsequential, have given everything over the last 236 years, to help us be who we are. What would we be if some hadn’t been lost? Patrick Henry, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. and Bobby Kennedy, George Custer, Stonewall Jackson, and the list goes on. What about all the soldiers who have died?In the Revolutionary War, Spanish/American War, Civil War,WWI, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many others large and small, at home and abroad. How many dead citizens would we have if any of these could come back and witness a ” flag burning”? Needless to say, our country is at another cross roads at this time. How many need to say ” We’ve had enough!”? I saw a humorous post today that said ” Diapers and politicians need to be changed often for the same reason. Their full of shit.” I couldn’t agree more. On “MommasMoneyMatters” we have been discussing the need for reform. To our political system, our judicial system, our penal system, our whole legal system and even us, We the People. What are YOU willing to sacrifice for the good of this country? Would you get off the couch to vote? Would you be willing to run for office, not just elect someone else? Would you be willing to fight for this country? To die for this country? It’s kind of like Christianity. It’s easy to say, not so easy to live it honestly. I mean, believe in things you can’t see, not judge others, love others even when you don’t like them, forgive others their transgressions, etc. It’s not easy. So, let’s make this easy:

1) Get off the couch. VOTE!

2) Get on the phone. TELL your representatives what YOU want!

3) Reach out. ENCOURAGE your friends to follow your lead!

4) Just do it. DO whatever it takes to make your voice heard!

5) Stand up. DON’T get discouraged!

And just remember, everyone doesn’t think alike. Just remember to forgive them for being idiots! Power to the People!



  1. Awsome ,Grant, you truly right about this and our country it does need reform from a lot of things from the top to the bottom. We need our leaders to be leaders and not make scandalous mishap for the world to see. Me, myself I would surely stand up and fight for my country still today and die trying to defend her until my last breath.

    • Thanks Jim. Always appreciated, Grant

  2. The only constant thing about life is change. And right this very minute, the United States is in dire need of that constant. Today, I feel like I live in the dyslexic version: Untied States.

    I have to say, over the discussions the last two days at M3, we have certainly bridged a wide expanse. The bottom line of it still is: Do something. I have and I do. And tomorrow, I will do it again.

    Thanks & Love,

    • Thanks for the comment Red. As always, very entertaining, Grant

  3. Those who don’t stand up, give up the right to complain. We have many problems in this country, but it’s still a great country and worth fighting for. No, if it were easy, everyone would do it, but it’s worth the effort to contribute.

    Often, it seems people want to remain children to the Government’s parenting, but we are not ‘adult children’ of the USA. We are adults who must take responsibility for our own actions, inactions and interactions.

    I personally believe dialogue is a great way to start. Good job Grant.

    Love your comment too Ann Marie (I guess I should call you Red? so people know who I’m talking about lol)

    • Thanks Angela. I had to compile this because Red accused me of being ” lackluster”. Me of all people, come on. The only thing that I want to know is ” What are YOU willing to do about it?” Thanks again, Grant

    • Either way, as big as my (mouth) keyboard is, everyone knows me 😛 So, Angie and Grant, are you ready for the Old Testament vs. New Testament? ROFL!

      • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
        Middle name: Mixmaster

      • No contest Red, I’m not Jewish.

  4. Whenever I see “Bobby Kennedy” I can’t help but think of Doug’s rooster who goes by the same name. Which is funnier? Doug having a rooster or that he named him Bobby Kennedy?

    • I would say the name. Thanks for the comment Steve.

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