Posted by: grantahelms | December 16, 2011

Sorry I Stepped On Your Toes… NOT!

Lately, I have received several comments relating to me that there is a time and place for everything. On that, I agree. I also agree that this is MY BLOG! If you don’t like what I chose to talk about, CHECK OUT! My life revolves around my relationship with MY GOD! He may not be your God, and I respect this. But don’t IM me or comment that MY GOD has no place on your internet! This really steps on my last nerve. All over the internet I, and all my friends and family, are subjected to profanity, pornography, crude innuendos, homosexuality, obscene pictures and gestures and multiple other offensive things. The only recourse that we have, is to choose what we look at and participate in. So many find this common place and attractive, that it would be like trying to wipe out drugs or alcohol.

And I am sure that many people have this feeling towards us because of the number of hypocrites and religious zealots that have interacted with them over the years. But church is no different from any other social gathering. You have those that are serious about what’s going on, those that are playing follow the leader, those that just want to be seen and those who are always ready for a fight. Because of the multitudes, the few are suffering. My hat is off to those who truly embody the Spirit of Christ: love, joy peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,meekness and temperance ( Galatians 5: 22-23). Nowhere does it say to beat people over the head with your Bible, tell people that they’ll die and go to Hell, be judgemental or try to convince others, even other believers, that their worship or beliefs are wrong! Never in this Blog, have I done any of these things. In my personal life I don’t think that I do these things. If I think you’re stealing, I’ll pray for you. If you are in a lurid relationship, I’ll pray for you. If I believe that you don’t have a relationship with God, I’ll definitely pray FOR YOU! I do this for my children daily. I remember what it’s like to be young, full of hormones, rage and to have the attitude that I know everything. I pray that God will allow them to live long enough to understand.  Thank God he let me live. And  when you find someone who will talk to you without being rude or condescending, PLEASE ask them their feelings. you may be surprised. My favorite saying is ” I’m not perfect, just forgiven.” And another bright thought: If there is no Heaven or Hell, at least I’ve lived a good life. If there is, where will you be? This is my explanation, and I’m sticking to it. Just remember, one and all, God Bless You and I LOVE YOU, Grant



  1. Nothing to add but AMEN!

    • Thanks Jim. I really love you and Beverly. Like my parents, you’re such an inspiration, but I pick and choose what I want to hear. Like my siblings, you’re always there for me no matter what. PLEASE, just keep being you. Oh yeh, AMEN! Love ya’ll, Grant

  2. I love you, too, Grant. Keep telling it like it is. Let the rest read some other blog! Living a good, happy life is so much better than being bitter and hateful to those who do.

    Time for me to tweet this and spread the Word.

    • Thanks Red. Getting sick again! Guess that’s why I’m on a rampage tonight. Love you, Grant
      P.S. Why did your comment not auto-approve?

  3. Nicely put Grant, you always tell it like it is. Keep being you and don’t change for anyone because if they don’t believe then it is their loss. God Bless You Grant.

    • Thanks Jim. But to set the facts straight, if I told it like it was, nobody would be happy, not even me. Love you man, Grant

  4. Amen! Everything is ok but Christianity these days. Very well said:)

  5. Angela, I would like to apologize for the outbursts earlier on your comment. I just had this on my mind. Once I let it out, I feel better. Thanks, Grant

  6. You did it again babe, Great blog. Love you

    • Thanks. I love you too, Grant

  7. Thanks Grant…You have made some very valid points. It is hard to believe that if someone just happened to check out your blog, as they might mine, and in finding that it is about a subject that they find offensive that they would continue to read it and then go as far as to criticize you for expressing your thoughts on your very own blog. Isn’t this like going into someone elses fridge, eating their food and then saying “This food is terrible, why did you put it in there? I hate it” Well, if you don’t like reading about God then that is your problem and you can just left click once and it will be behind you. That is your right. It is your right Grant, to write about whatever you want within reason on your own blog.

    I happen to agree that God is wonderful, loving and kind. He has blessed me and it took me many years to see just how much he loves me but now I really do. I am doing his work these days by trying to help people in any way I can. I too will pray for the ignorant because they know not what they do.
    Thanks again Grant. Great writing and I will follow you. I hope you get a chance to check out my blog on word press as well. Ann Marie (or Red as you call her) is my friend and got me started on a blog. God bless. : )

    • Thanks Karen. It’s refreshing to get nice E-mails sometimes, well most times. Recently Ann Marie told me that if I didn’t want to rock the boat, DON”T discuss Politics, Religion or Abortion. Well 2 out of 3 aren’t bad. Guess I’ll HAVE TO rock the boat sometimes. Can’t wait to check out your Blog, Grant

  8. Nice post!

    I urge you to discover the truth about religion @

    Please read my article with an open mind, you may not necessarily agree with everything I say but I urge you to take everything into consideration.

    Enjoy! 

    • Thanks for your comment. At least we can agree to disagree. I’ll be praying for you,Grant

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