Posted by: grantahelms | December 18, 2011

What Was The Turning Point?

I have noticed that a lot of people use polls to get opinions from their customers, clients and, in this case, readers. I think that polls are a very valuable tool of the trade, but somewhat impersonal. When I ask a question, I want to know YOUR feelings. What makes you tick, if you will. As some will notice, I stepped on some toes the other day. The funny thing to me, is that some who reproached me earlier, didn’t even bother to respond to the Friday night post.

However, I did receive a comment from a gentleman who, after graciously congratulating me on a nice post, referred me to a link of his that pointed out what an idiot I am. Being the good-natured and open-minded person that I am, I thanked him for his comment and informed him that I would definitely pray for him. It really makes me wonder. Why is there such a crevice between Religion and Spirituality? I think of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity. I know that the Native Americans practice a form of Religion where everything is spiritual: Good or Evil. And let’s not forget Atheism. Is it so different from any other type of worship? In Christianity, we believe in what we can’t see. This is termed” faith”. Atheists believe that if you can’t see it, it CAN’T be real. I’m not arguing but, I guess air doesn’t exist. How about the ozone layer? What about cyanide or botulism? Maybe your eyes are better than mine, but I can’t see them. And I know that you can’t either. You depend on your preachers, The Scientists, to reveal these truths to you. And guess what, they don’t all agree. Hum… see a pattern here?

So, I guess in the grand scheme of things, we’re not so different! I’ll pray for you, you’ll curse me, and we’ll all live happily ever after. But, back to MY POLL, what or who has influenced your beliefs to cause you to have the spirituality or cynicism that you experience today? Please try to keep your comments to 100 words or less and definitely be open and honest. I look forward to hearing from everyone. God Bless You All, Grant

P.S. I have reached a goal: 25 posts. Would also like your input on how I’m doing. Thanks.



  1. Congrats on the great milestone and the topic of choice! Limited response: We are not all that different. Makes me think of Shakespeare (shudder):

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

    Religion is, like roses are, thorny. We all love them on some level, but disagree as to which is the most beautiful.


    PS And I am planning on being on time this morning!

    • Thanks for the congrats. Was hoping for more in-depth analysis. Hope so for a change, Lol. Love, Grant

  2. My youth pastor was significant when I was in Jr. and Sr. High and was influential in directing me to where I am today. But, if I am honest, I think that every conference, every friendship, or person who mentored me along the way has helped to increase my faith. With that, when I was a new believer and I started to really read my Bible, things started to really make sense. I learned, grew and my faith become my own. — By the way, I am sorry you are getting bothered by people. Don’t let them get to you and waste your time.

    • Thanks Derek,
      I’ve always been told” Don’t open the can of worms til you’re ready to fish.” Well, I’m hungry for some bass. Everyday I am subjected to the negativity and perversity of this world. I”m tired! The boxing gloves are on ( unless they want bare-knuckled). My turning point was when I learned to let go, and let God. God Bless You Derek, Grant

  3. I love your comment on the religion of atheism! Had to chuckle at that.

    My grandmother (paternal) and both my parents have been a great influence on my faith. My father was a pastor (now retired) and my mother was just an awesome lady (deceased). I can’t remember a time when I didn’t see God and believe in Him. I’ve seen Him do so many amazing things and had a very close relationship with Him from an early age. At age 3, I had a fever of 108 (convulsions…) and then 105 for 3 days after they got it down. I should have been a vegetable, but I am a highly intelligent woman with little effect from the fever. I do not know, but I strongly suspect God was with me during all this. I have always had something other people don’t seem to have, and I trace it back to this (because I like the story?). Who knows. I just know that relationship has been there as long as I can remember and has only grown stronger with time.

    There have been many influences over the years, good and bad, but that special relationship with my God, even during the rough times, kept me going in the right direction. It’s not about religion. Religion is just the trappings of how we worship….. It’s about relationship. It’s not based on feelings either. God doesn’t always stop things from happening to me, but He never leaves me alone. Even today He held me close before a blow came. He knew it was coming and probably deflected some of the suffering by giving me that moment of saying, “I love you and I’m here.” If you think I’m talking crazy (anyone reading this) that’s because you have no way to truly understand what I’m talking about.

    Anyway, thanks Grant for another great post:)

    • Thanks Angela for another insightful description. When someone talks about God never leaving them, it makes me think of”Footprints in the Sand”. Such a wonderful parallel. God Bless You and Thanks for the comment,Grant
      P.S. If you need to talk in confidence (Deacon Conference), you can IM me on my Facebook account. What’s said here, stays here!

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