Posted by: grantahelms | December 26, 2011

Silence… The Best Medicine?

In a world of deaf people, I am so glad that I have learned 1 thing… Silence is Golden! Do you ever get tired of being at a red light having to listen to some crap that you can’t understand the words to? Or maybe it’s bumping so loud that it’s giving your headache a headache. I mean, I know that I’m ” aged”, but you could at least play something decent… Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Quiet Riot, you know, something decent! And then there are politics. I VOTE! I listen to the candidates and try to make a decision based on ” the lesser of two evils”. Other than that, I don’t want to hear, see or read about them until election time. I don’t want to hear about Christmas, until the beginning of December. I get tired of hearing ” He said, she said”. Let’s face it, I Care, but your invading my SPACE. I have too many things on my plate to be worried about what your cheating husband, or your slutty girlfriend have been doing behind your back. Don’t mean to sound rude, but if they were involved with someone when you became involved with them, seems like a likely hint,DUH!!!! And what about children who don’t understand” inside voice”. We’re all sitting together, don’t you think I can hear you? And why doesn’t a twenty year old know how to watch TV without having the volume on 65? So many life questions that cross the counter everyday. And, I could ramble some more.

Why do children love the word WHY?

Why do people act stupid when you plainly state the facts?

Why do people continue to shove politics or their version of religion down my throat ?

Why do you continue to read my rants ?

How many more words can you spell with the letters above? I’m tired, guess I’ll let you go for now. Hope everyone had a wonderful and Merry Christmas! Here’s wishes for the New Year. God Bless You All, Grant



  1. Well put Grant, I can understand how things like this can put a person in a bad mood, or fill their plate full. You are a person with great wisdom and I appreciate your input. Thank you for being my friend, you are the best.

    • Thanks Jim. I appreciate the comment. I’ve already told you about giving me a big head, Grant

  2. 1. Why? is the smallest question (like the little one) which gets the biggest answer (like an adult). Every little thing wants to be a big thing…eventually.

    2. I have no idea.

    3. Because if you are patiently listening, you have cleared the path they believe leads to conversion (Note: I did not misspell conversation.).

    4. You are not the only one with these feelings.

    Carry on, Brother. Much love,

    • Thanks for taking time to answer all of the questions. Guess we’re on the same page after all. Love you, Grant

      • I did miss the last question: ENLIST

  3. Children love the word why because adults love the word why. Where do you think they learn it? I wrote about silence last week sometime because I don’t get much of it. I hear it is nice, though. – Blessings on you

    • Derek,
      Have you ever noticed that many people think God speaks in a loud, booming voice that would capture anyone’s attention. However, the Bible says that he has a still, small voice. Does this mean that no matter what, we should only speak to people, children especially, in a still, small voice? Is it possible to be quiet yet authoritative? Yes, I’m going through some things. God Bless You, Grant

      • Was there ever a time when God got someone’s attention through some rather surprising methods? If God wants to get your attention, He will. The issue is not so much the volume, but the authority. The way I see it, there are times when you need to get someone’s attention in a louder voice. But, that is not where the main communication takes place, but in the smaller voice. If I shout at my kids, the relationship breaks down. While I still have authority, I have lost some relational clout. Well, those are my thoughts. Hope things get better for you.

      • Thanks Derek. Things are well. Just get frustrated sometimes when people don’t seem to understand plain English. Also have a problem with parents who don’t raise their children properly, so that you are starting at the beginning when the children are 5&6. Arrgh! God Bless You, Grant

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