Posted by: grantahelms | January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!!

Today’s post isn’t going to be anything spectacular. No rants. No raves. No religion? Definitely no politics. As we leave 2011 in the history books, and move on to 2012, I just want to acknowledge all of you. I just want to take this time to say ” Thank You “. Thank you for your reads, your follows, your comments, but most of all, for your honesty. When I started this, I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea that even one person would care what I had to say. You have proven me wrong. Though I enjoy the comments from people who have the same beliefs as me, I also, at times, enjoy hearing from those that think that I am boorish, thick-headed, old-fashioned, egotistical, religiously fanatic and narrow-minded. It is an appropriate system of checks and balances. Recently, I spoke with an acquaintance who informed me that this year she wasn’t doing the resolution thing. Instead, she was going to set goals. It made me wonder, barring the Webster definition, what is the difference? Is it easier to set goals, in the anticipation of reaching them, than it is to keep resolutions? Many years ago, an elderly gentleman explained to me that the reason people don’t keep resolutions, is because they ” shoot for the stars “. Anytime we set our goals to high, aren’t we setting ourselves up for failure? Just a few musings that are floating through the brain tonight. Anyhow, to Red in SC, Val in Texas, Jules in Texas, John McD in the view-finder of his camera, Derek in Cape Cod, Angela, Sue, Jim and everyone else, I’m looking forward to continuing our friendships/relationships in 2012. Happy New Years to all and God Bless You, Grant



  1. Happy, happy New Year, Grant!

    Glad you have liked your journey through the blogosphere in 2011. Here’s hoping 2012 holds many wonders, a great dose of humor and a healthy appreciation for sarcasm.

    Love you muches,

    • Thanks Red, you’ve definitely been an inspiration to the thought process. I definitely enjoy reading yours but, I get tired of having to look at the dictionary all the time. Haha, and the humor begins. Love you too, Grant

  2. Happy New Year Grant. I would have applied any of the above to you.

    I think I know the difference between Resolutions and Goals though I think you gave a good definition.

    Resolutions – you state them once with no definition plan for how to achieve them.

    Goals – you state them but you can also plan them in much smaller steps simply because of their nature. It is the way we think of them maybe.

    • Thanks Val, at times the feelings are mutual. Sometimes I wonder if we “Agree to Disagree” or if we have a Love/Hate relationship. You know, love to hate each others opinions. Whatever the discourse, your opinion is very valuable to me. Thanks again and God Bless.

      • I meant to say I wouldn’t have applied any of the above. Teaches me yet again not to let my fingers run without proof reading.

  3. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Angela. I couldn’t point out where you were from because I don’t know. Thanks again for your participation and comments. God Bless You, Grant

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