Posted by: grantahelms | January 4, 2012

For The Sake Of Your Sanity…A Beginners Guide To Blogging!

As I approach the 2 month anniversary of my Blog, I would like to pass down the small amount of wisdom that I have gained. The picture to the left says it all! Blogging, in general, is fun and rewarding. You meet many people from various stages of life, ethnic and religious backgrounds, diverse marital or partnership status’ and SOME who are here just for the sake of argument. Most people who post have a specified area that interests them…Poetry, Love, Religion, Politics, Photography, Mature Content, etc. Whatever your niche, here’s hoping that you find it. If you don’t want to rock the boat, KNOW YOUR PLACE! However, sometimes, it doesn’t matter. Like I said earlier, some like to argue! If you don’t like argument, there are three simple steps to follow:

1) Don’t discuss Politics!

2) Don’t discuss Religion!

3) For your personal sanity, Don’t even mention, hint or discuss the word Abortion!

See, this is easier than Church. Here we only have 3 Commandments to follow! However, there are many lesser laws if you want to survive. First, always reply to the comments on your post. Whether you agree or disagree is irrelevant, you must reply or you may choose to delete the message. Second, if someone likes you enough to follow your blog, you should review theirs and decide if you want to follow them. Third, always make sure that you have the proper rating on your post. We don’t want little eyes to see what they shouldn’t. Fourth, always be sure to properly categorize and tag your post to get the most hits. Fifth, always post to as many venues as possible. Publicizing to multiple venues (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.) opens your Blog to more hits, and in return, to those whom you are following. Sixth, always follow your heart. When writing your next post, follow your heart and let the words flow. If it comes from the heart, it’s worth writing, even if others choose not to read it. Seventh, always leave personal arguments off your posts. These things should be discussed in the privacy of your home or on the phone. And the list goes on, but these are things that you learn as you go. Now I would like to take the time to tell you about some of my favorite Bloggers, people who can help you on this journey.

1) Momma’s Money Matters: Meet Red. She is a multifaceted writer who posts on anything, whether it is relationships, working with special needs children, cost cutting measures for the home or car, ways to go green, etc. She currently resides in South Carolina.

2)valentinelogar: Meet Val. Like Red, she is a multifaceted writer who posts on anything. Her specialization appears to be in victims rights, civil rights, politics, relationships and life in general. She currently resides in Texas.

3) The Aware Writer: Meet John McD. He is an expert with cameras and all of his posts deal with the life that he has experienced through his view-finder. My favorites are the stories that he tells about his time in the military, from Vietnam to being stationed in Alaska.

4) doyoumeanwhatiknow: Meet Angela. She is a very honest and outgoing woman who is quick to comment and relate. She seems to specialize in life, with a religious perspective.

5) No Throw Aways: Meet Derek. As a youth pastor, most of what Derek brings to the table are Christian perspective with humanity intertwined. Derek is at his best when he brings his family and youth group into the mix. He is from Cape Cod.

6) God is Good: Meet ?( a mother from Australia). She specializes in bringing stories of hope and encouragement. When I’m feeling depressed by everyday life, this is where I go.

7) Miss Demure Restraint: Meet Dee. She is probably, in my opinion, one of the best fiction writers on WordPress. When she tells a story, you can almost imagine being there. So graphic, so clear and so real. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

8) allaboutlemon: Meet Dolly. She is a mother of four who brings a lot of originality( photos and writing) to the table. Being from Saudi Arabia, I really enjoy getting her perspective on life. Dolly also gave me my first nomination for an award( The Versatile Bloggers Award).

9) So Far From Heaven: Last, but certainly not least, meet Old Jules. He is the epitome of the American Southwest. Jules writes about life…Real life…Unadulterated life! If ever there was a person that I considered a GURU on life, IT WOULD BE OLD JULES! He currently resides somewhere in the Texas desert.

Oh, wait. There was one more. ME! After all, I am the one who took the time to record all this information for you. Just joking, though I would love to hear from you. Just remember, keep it real. The best posts are from the heart. God Bless You, Grant



  1. *Scribbles on to-do list: Teach Grant to link*

    *Wanders over to AllAboutLemon to check date on VBA…Seems to recall Rookie Award*

    You are learning quickly, and without many scars. Good job!

    Love ya oodles!

    • Sorry Red, having brain fart, forgot about Rookie Award. And yes, I have a lot to learn about computers, but I try. When a close personal friend nominates you for something, it’s a given, You are my friend. But, when someone across the country, or in this case across the world whom you will probably never meet in person nominates you, it’s AMAZING! To know that they have taken the time to read what you say and enjoy, even though they have many pressing issues of their own, it’s just COOL. You, well you better read and like my stuff, if not I know where you live! BAH-HA-HA! Thanks again. Love you, Grant

      • Links are easy. Click the “help” pull down arrow in the “add new post” screen. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. the amount of info there 😉

        And it is very, seriously cool. International audiences bring so much to blogs. I would not trade my across the ponders (in both directions) for the world. And not to blight the Canucks in my audience, they are a pip, too.


    • (RED)And you need to hurry up with the computer classes, school starts next week. Plus, I need to try to work on this award nomination. God Bless you, Grant

  2. I’m glad for you being nominated, and wish you the best of luck in winning. You have great posts and you continue to get better everyday, so keep up the good work. As you know I read your every post and find them very intriguing, they keep you coming back for more.

  3. Thanks Jim, I appreciate the comments. As for the nomination, it’s nice but not why I’m here. You know I just do this for the fun of it. Love you, Grant

  4. Thanks for mentioning me. I enjoy being able to contribute something that others find meaningful. Just speak from the heart and you can’t go wrong.

    • Thanks Derek, I only strive to tell the truth. God Bless You, Grant

  5. Congratulations, Grant, and thanks so much for mentioning me! It is greatly appreciated. I already follow most of the people on your list, but I can’t wait to check out the others (links would have been helpful, but I’ll find them:)

    Also thank you for the information. I found it helpful. I haven’t been categorizing my post because I’m not sure what category they go in. Still learning too. God Bless, Angie

    • Thanks Angie. Just try to help when I can. God Bless You, Grant

  6. As with the others, thank you for the mention though I never blog about politics I have other sites that cover that area of interest.

    Links would be great so we could check on those blogs you are following!

  7. Thanks Val. One of these days, I will figure out this infernal contraption. All the names after the number were their WordPress accounts. God Bless You, Grant

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