Posted by: grantahelms | January 8, 2012

Enlightenment…A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

Recently a friend posted a link to Facebook enlightening the world about a “NeoChristian” group encouraging “good Christians” to move to South Carolina to take over the state government.

Normally, I don’t try to rock the boat, with the exception of Christian perspective. However, being a South Carolina resident, I felt this was definitely my business. Though I don’t agree with many of the decisions that our politicians and law makers implement, I’ll be danged if some outsiders will come into MY state and try to railroad the politics here.

But, the reason that I wanted to blog this, is because it has been a learning experience for me. Not necessarily  about Neo-Christian groups, but about me, my state and the history of this country. After many hours of reading and in-depth study, it amazes me that, as so many have told me about Christianity, so many truths have been buried by those who want to live in, or those who don’t accept the truth about the past. In this post, I will relay what I have learned and let you decide the truth.

On the day that I found the post on Facebook, I immediately began researching the group in question. I found that they had strong ties to a group called “The League of the South”. The LOS was defined a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2000. On June 25, 2005 the LOS Board of Directors issued a statement on racism. They stated that they think ALL Southerners, black and white, need and deserve the same things: a safe country, liberty and religious freedom. However, their Christian beliefs are Old Testament. Women having abortions, and those who counseled them, should suffer public hanging. Also, murderers, rapists and even adulterers, should face public execution. Pretty extreme, huh.

Next, I GOOGLE’d Confederate States of America. This brought me to an interesting site that listed itself as ” the Official Website of the Confederate States Government”. This gentleman states that anyone seeking secession is crazy. Why? Because when the war ended, the Generals surrendered their Armies, but neither President Jefferson Davis nor Secretary of State Judah Benjamin ever surrendered the government of the CSA or ever signed a Peace Treaty. So, in the legalities of war, does this mean that we are STILL in a state of war? Are those of us in the South still in a state of Occupation by a conquering Army? Don’t misunderstand me, my patriotism is with this country. I’ve always believed this though: American by birth, Southern by the grace of God. Just something else to make you wonder!

So as I prepare to end this post, I wonder:

Were there any documents to support the supposed non-surrender of the Confederacy that would infer that we are still at war?

After looking at the fall of the Russian empire, do you think that our country will ever fall apart?

If I continue studying, would this be a good Sunday post? Just bringing interesting tidbits.

Thank you for your time and the comments, Grant




  1. Congratulations Grant, it is a worthy topic and means so much to so many. However, at the same time, many will oppose you on this. There is, as you stated, many truths that have been buried “for the greater good”. Keep up the deep study. I would enjoy reading more, Mark By the way there are books on-line that tell many of these truths.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Mark. I would probably never have used this subject, but many of the things that I found were very interesting. As for the books, I have down loaded a free e-book called “The rise and fall of the Confederate States of America”. It is a memoir by Jefferson Davis explaining all the things that lead up to Secession, formation of the CSA and the fall of the war. Very informational if you can stay awake. God Bless You, Grant

  2. Keep up the great work, Grant. Stay strong in what you believe and where you are from. We know where your heart and soul lies, South Carolina.

    Love you brother, jim

    • Thanks Jim. God Bless You, Grant

  3. I am not from South Carolina, but this does seem like an interesting topic to explore.

  4. Interesting, and I’m glad you brought this up. It’s a bit scary. I look forward to follow up posts as you seek more evidence.

    Russian empire – and every other one – yes I think our country will probably fall apart at some point, especially as it becomes more hedonistic….

    • Thanks Angie. It’s kind of like the Book of Revelations, nobody wants to talk about it but it’s a good thing to study. Russian, Roman, Egyptian, Aztec, etc., just like Babylon, when they get to big for their britches or too far out of line, it’s time for an attitude adjustment. Hope things are well with you. God Bless You, Grant

  5. Thanks Derek. I really don’t know why I’m going there. but I guess I will. This e-book has been very interesting. Posting will probably slow down as I will be starting college tomorrow. Thanks for the follow-up. God Bless You, Grant

    • Hey, way to go on getting back to college. That is really great!

      • Thanks Derek!

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