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About 6 weeks ago, I professed ” Once, Forever ” who I was. Evidently, once is not enough. Well…

I am Grant Helms. I am 44 years old. I am a Leo. I am married(happily). I am the father of 4 boys, and currently the caretaker of 4 more children. I am self-employed. I am American. I am Southern. I am Baptist. I am disheartened, discouraged, disenfranchised and disembodied. I am not Republican! I am not Democrat! As I stated earlier, I am American!

Lately, I’ve been reading all the negative attack ads about the future leaders of this country. I am appalled at the depths to which some would sink to receive an office. I am appalled at the depths to which my fellow Americans would sink to get “their man” elected to office. Some of the comments from our elected officials have ranged from a prayer for the death of our current President, to the disregard for the critically ill and physically handicapped. I’ve also been reading an abundance of information on the separation of church and state. Where does it end? Information over-load!!!

Okay. Let’s start with the 4 D’s. I am disheartened at the thought of the potential candidates who are running for the White House. They all have their good and their bad. They all have their own agendas, and those of their financial backers, riding on the election. The only one who seems to want to keep from having a war with Iran, is Ron Paul. However, his platform seems to be very old school. Though I agree with many of his views, many are intolerable. If you subject women to have babies that they don’t want, the babies are the ones who will suffer. I see this first hand every day on the job. So life goes, you can’t agree with everyone.

I am discouraged at all of the negativity facing Christians. I am not talking about Sunday church-goers. I am talking about honest, humble, God-fearing Christians who would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. Those who not only talk-the-talk, but walk-the-walk. I  know that every one of you knows someone who is an honest Christian, however the only ones that I read about are those who talk trash, walk shamefully, live wickedly and give the rest of us a bad name. Here’s a hint: If they are not setting a Godly example, they ARE NOT a Christian! I don’t care if it’s a Preacher, a Deacon, a Teacher or anyone else in authority, if they don’t practice what they preach, their not the REAL DEAL! Please don’t compare me to them. And, don’t tell me to hide my beliefs! Yes, we are not to resemble clanging symbols shouting through the streets, but we are to love others and reach out to them where they are.

As for being disenfranchised, I guess I feel this way because I am self-employed. Every year, I work harder to get ahead, just to pay MORE taxes. Why is it that in our country, that was built on the dreams of entrepreneurs, that small business pays more tax per dollar than major corporations. Sounds like the tax between the upper class and middle class. Man, now that I think of that, I’m getting screwed both ways! So life goes.

Finally, disembodied. I feel this several ways. I am a Christian in a secular world that claims that I am taking away their freedoms. I am a Southern American who is being governed by a bunch of secular politicians that do not hold the beliefs that I do. Lastly, I am a CHILD-OF-GOD stuck on this deteriorating planet. Come on Judgment Day!

Thanks for reading! If you feel the need, PLEASE comment. God Bless You, Grant



  1. Love it Grant. I often feel the same way. I saw it coming a long time ago, but it is escalating quickly. Come quickly!!!

    • Thanks Angie,
      Have been considering going full gospel on the blog. Maybe some of the nay-sayers will forget where I’m at. I could only hope. God Bless You, Grant

  2. Jesus promised trouble in this world, but the good news is He overcame. We are also over-comers in Him. — Actions speak louder than words applies to the Christian faith as well. What you do says what you value. What you say is an overflow of the heart. You don’t have to go far in Scripture to find those things. My point– it is sad, but not a shock. No amount of shenanigans changes the Sovereignty of God. Also, we must live for today and that day (when we stand before the throne) – credit goes to Ken Boa on that one and the of course Paul

    • Thanks Derek,
      I know the promises of God. I know that he sent Christ to die for us. I also know that like the majority of the Pharisee’s, too many people in high positions profess to be godly, while living a secular life. We ALL live secular lives but, some do try to imitate Christ. This is why it pains me that Christ’s teachings have been perverted to a point that the majority just ignore you when you want to help. I guess this is the reason that Paul said to dust your feet when you are not accepted in certain areas. Being a learned man Derek, can you tell me what happened to Jonah after the olive tree wilted? Or does it really matter? Just something I’ve always wondered. God Bless You, Grant

      • We have no knowledge (that I know of at least) of what happened to Jonah after the tree wilted. I don’t believe it is that significant, though.

  3. So I can only assume Grant you dislike hearing from those of us who don’t believe exactly as you do, I feel compelled anyway to reply mainly because I think you misunderstand.

    Many of us, though desirous of a Secular Government are not without faith and beliefs of our own. We simply do not discuss them in public or make them central to our political lives, thus you don’t know them and make assumptions rather than ask.

    “Real Christians”, Grant do not face negativity from most people. Those who live their life in a Christ Like fashion, without stomping on others are well loved by most people. I reflect often on the comment by Gandhi, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” The Christ never demanded others follow only asked. The Christ never demanded others walk in his footsteps only provided the ‘way’ in which others could follow him. The Christ never condemned any person, ever; something most churches today can’t claim.

    Those Christians you are talking about, yes most do think they are a poor representation and should be ridiculed and run off the airwaves. They poorly represent the churches and the faith you and many others love and profess. They do give ‘True and Real’ Christians a bad name. They do indeed cause great harm. The problem is, it isn’t up to non-believers, Deists, Agnostics, Atheists and others outside of the church to call them out; it is up to ‘Real Christians’ to do so.

    Disenfranchised? Yes, many of us are. I am also self-employed, a small business owner working for myself. You aren’t out there alone. I see the same things you do. Many of us do. Our economy no longer rewards us for doing for ourselves; of course it no longer rewards us for working for others either, does it?

    Disembodied? Interesting one actually. I am a Southerner as well, add to this I am a woman. I am governed by men who have no interest in my needs as a Woman, a small business, a minority, my disability, or the fact I am over 50. But let me note something for you, you are governed by a Constitution that demands a Secular Government thus protecting your Right to Worship as you see fit. You have representatives from your district, who have been voted by you and others and who likely view things similar to you. You are far better represented than I am, believe me.

    Belief is a funny thing Grant, it is individual and personal. You may call out for Judgement Day thinking those who disagree with you will be left here to suffer, you may be shocked. Don’t assume you know what others think or believe simply because they disagree with you.

    • Dearest Val,
      In our continuing effort to agree to disagree, I want to state that I enjoy conversations with enlightened individuals such as yourself. However, I must face negativity from others simply because I REFUSE to let them shove their beliefs down my throat. Isn’t this what they accuse me of? I don’t beat anyone over the head, I let my light shine so that others may see Christ in me and, for the record, I am well respected by others. Others who know me on a personal note. Believers, unbelievers, Christians, Jews, Hindu’s, homosexuals, etc. Why? Because I don’t judge them and I treat them as I want to be treated. As for Gandhi, great man. I also like Mother Theresa and the early teachings of Mohammed. See, I’m not as narrow-minded as you may believe. As for me being governed by my elected officials, this may be true. However, when my elected officials vote for things that are progressive for the area where I live and they are voted down due to the objections of others 2,000 miles from here, this is what makes me feel disembodied. Why should things in South Carolina be governed by standards for New York( residential building codes), for Florida( hurricane adjustments for the New York Residential Building Standards) and California( earth quake adjustments for the New York Residential Building Standards). The Constitution, in my understanding, was drafted and signed in an effort to bring the states together as one, while giving each one the freedom to make their own choices. So why have Federal mandates telling us what we have to do. What is the purpose of the IRS? To take our tax dollars to feed and clothe those 2,000 miles from here? Little things like this irritate me. And since it’s my blog, I’ll write what I feel. If anyone doesn’t like it, they are free to move on. God Bless You. Have a great day, Grant

  4. Grant, you are totally right in what you believe in. You are not the only one who feels this way because some of us are true Americans and believe in the Red, White and Blue. It seems that no matter who ends up in the White House is no better then the one they replaced, it all about being in POWER. WE THE PEOPLE do not matter. And this won’t change until we all talk the talk and walk the walk. Great job and stick to you beliefs always.

    • Thanks for the support Jim. As always, I appreciate the support. God Bless You. Have a great day, Grant

  5. really nice article and I like the way you carry yourself in your replies. You say things in ways I can’t.

    • Thanks Steve,
      I guess we’re even. You can say many things in the pulpit that I would be at a loss for words. Thanks for always being there to inspire me, love me and lift my family in Christian love. Life definitely wouldn’t be the same without you. God Bless You, Grant

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