Posted by: grantahelms | May 23, 2012

Hello Again … An Update

Hello friends and fellow bloggers. This morning I am at hospital with my second son. Yes, one of the ones who think I’m dumb. Until he has an ear infection and needs a ride. So while I sit here patiently waiting, I decided to write. As I reported earlier, school is out for summer. The children in our care may be going home soon. My oldest son walked the stage last week in a GED graduation. My next two will be graduating on June second. Wow, only one left. He’ll be graduating next year. So what then? What do parents do when the nest is empty? As for work, its been stressful. Recently a house that I’ve been working on was broken into and was vandalized. The knowledge that the renters must move in on June second is almost unbearable. But its wonderful because I know that God is LARGE AND IN CHARGE! Well I suppose I must go. God Bless You All, Grant



  1. Just keeping pressing on. God is good.

    • God is good Derek! God Bless You, Grant

  2. The empty nest is a difficult thing and a wonderful thing at the same time. Unfortunately, you then deal with boomerang kids. My youngest is moving back in AGAIN! She is fortunate she has a place to land when she blows it. This time will be different, and hopefully short!! Life. Is hard but we know it’s temporary, and we know what comes next. I look forward to that time.

    • Thanks Angie. I’ll be praying for you. Between your father, your mother-in-law, children and church, I’m positive that you need it. God Bless You, Grant

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