Posted by: grantahelms | June 21, 2012

Friend or Idiot ?

Hello Friends. I come to you today in an altered state of mind. Recently, I have learned that I am a complete idiot. Yes, you heard me right, a complete I.D.I.O.T! Wow, so many revelations are coming to me this year. First I find that I am passive-aggressive and then that I am stupid. Thank goodness that this isn’t one of those self-help blogs or you would all be idiots for following my advise. Yes, I am ranting, raving or something! And I’ve had three days to cool off. It all started like this …

I was born!

Or was I hatched? According to a gentleman that sent me an IM, I must be one of those creatures that is born under a rock and faces the light of day just to eat, reproduce and go to the bathroom. I evidently am a black hole on the face of the earth and that I am wasting oxygen that would be better spent on worthwhile individuals. And this comes from the fiance of someone who I considered my friend. A close friend at one point in time. But then it all came to an abrupt end. More than this I cannot, will not say because I refuse to drag anyone through the mud, no matter how they treat me! It is just another cross that I must bear.

Have you ever been faced with a similar situation?

At what point do you give up on friendship?

Is it possible that I am a Crusader?

Do I over-look others feelings to give them what I think they need?

This has been a situation that has truly convicted me to the core. My entire life I have been taught, and have taught my children, the teachings of Jesus Christ. I have believed for many years that many have forsaken these teachings because of the brashness, judgmentalism and condemnation of so-called Christians. Jesus did not judge the woman at the well or the woman caught in adultery. He simply told them to go and sin no more. He did not condemn the thieves on either side of him at the cross. He spoke to them in love. He came to this world to spread the good news and in return he received the death penalty. I understand that living a Christ-like life doesn’t mean no hard times, but why should we have to suffer at the hands of someone who we consider to be our friends? As I typed this the answer came to mind. Jesus was betrayed unto death by one of his apostles, his brethren, his closest friends. Peter denied that he even knew Jesus. With close friends like this, who needs enemies? But even so, Jesus loved them still! This is amazing to me. Right now I feel so broken-hearted because all I ever did was try to be a friend. Jokes on me I guess. But even so, I still love her and her children. I suppose that I even love the fiance that had so many mean things to say about me. In the end I know that I have been justified in my feelings toward them. And just for the record, none of these feelings are perverted, as the rumors have been saying. But this is just one more case that makes me question who I am and what I believe. Do I stop being a nice guy? Do I stop trying to spread the gospel? Do I stop trying to help others in need? NO!!!!!! I don’t care who you are, who you think you are or how much more educated you think you are than me. I will not stop loving you. All of you! And I will not stop spreading the gospel just because it offends you. This is who I am and if you don’t like it, it’s your loss! With that said, I love all of you. May God bless you in the coming weeks and a hearty FAREWELL to those who decide not to return, Grant



  1. No, don’t stop like you said. Some people think they know you don’t. Your true friends really know you and love you very much. Just remember there are some people that come into your life will never stay because they are not suppose to stay. The true friends that are God puts in your life will be here to trail the long road of life with you. I love you very much. Another good post babe.

    • Thanks Babe. I love you too.

  2. Wow, what a difficult situation. I understand that inner tearing – wanting to serve God and wanting to let loose with a few ungodly things too. I determined a long time ago to love – no matter what. It is difficult at times, but I believe what you said about Jesus is true. He looks beyond the actions to the person and loves them still. It is only through Him we can do this for sure!!! Hope things get better. 🙂 Angie

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