Posted by: grantahelms | December 11, 2012

I am an addict!

“What thoughts crossed your mind when you read the title? Is he an alcoholic? Does he do drugs? Maybe he loves porn? What is it? Please tell us!!!!!!!!”

Hi. My name is Grant Helms. I am an addict. Those are words that I never thought I would hear myself say. However, they are true. How can I be so sure? What is an addict? Without going to the Websters, my definition of an addict would be anyone who lets anything stand in the way of his happiness. Would that be a proper definition? So, do you want to know what my addiction is?

My addiction is War Commander. What is that you may ask? It is a game on Facebook. While I was going through my bouts of depression, it felt good to blow things up. War Commander is just that. A war game. You have planes, helicopters, tanks, men, rabid dogs and various other fun things to play with. There are thousands of other players from all over the world. Some are friends, some are enemies. My particular character is the leader of a group called the Peace Makers Corps. We have 52 members, and allies in 7 different sectors. This is something that I could delve into with you for hours. However, I digress.

Why do I consider this an addiction? Probably because my wife and my doctor, who is a close friend, have told me so. Probably because when I analyze it, I spend in excess of 8 hours daily playing this game. I also spend 3-5 hours per day talking on the phone to a friend from Pennsylvania about the game. When I talk to others, it is about the game. I dream the game. When I am getting ready for work in the mornings, and something happens on the game, I may take the day off. To me, this makes it an addiction. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Now I am trying to step back and regroup. Trying to find my way back to where I came from. I have made many good friends along the journey, but at what cost? What has it cost my relationships with my wife and my children for me to play this game? What has it cost me in sleep deprivation and unnecessary drama? What has it cost me at work? What is the difference between me and an alcoholic? Or a drug addict? Nothing! I am an addict!

What are your addictions? Alcohol? Drugs? Porn?

Maybe it’s nothing bad. What about your job? Volunteer work? Discipleship? Working on an antique vehicle?

If it’s not a bad thing, can it still be bad?

I’m not trying to step on any toes here. And I don’t want to discourage people from doing good. But anything that takes away from your God or your family, is an addiction. Welcome to the club. God Bless You All, Grant


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