Posted by: grantahelms | December 11, 2012

Retrospective 2012

Hi! For those of you who have forgotten, I am Grant Helms. The eternal optimist. Lover of all. Funny, if you had seen me this summer, that is not how you would remember me. On July 2nd, the children that my wife and I were caring for, went home. It was not a pleasant departure, nor an enjoyable summer. However, it is in the past. In the weeks following, I suffered through severe bouts of depression and remorse. It is still extremely hard to discuss, however I am returning to the world of the living.  I recently had a very close friend of mine, Scott, relate his feelings of despair in not being able to help me through this situation.

” Why, I wondered, had Scott not helped me? Why was he having these feelings of remorse? Why could I not shake this feeling of despair and loneliness, as my friends and family stood by my side?”

Then one night something happened. A recent Facebook friend that I had made, related to me that his best friend had been shot by a sniper that day. He had died. Suddenly, I had the overwhelming urge to hold him and comfort him. To tell him that God had a plan for him. But alas, he is half a world away. My friend lives in Syria. That is when it became apparent to me what had happened with Scott. He wanted to reach out to me. He wanted to comfort me. But I was in a distant place and even if he touched me, he wouldn’t reach me. It wasn’t until I was open, and receptive, that he was able to tell me how he felt. It was only at this time that he could tell me that only God and I could heal this pain.

Sometimes I feel that we, as Christians, fail to understand that one’s heart has to be open and receptive to hear the message. In the 1700’s, people would go to church for an average of 8 hours, sitting on a hard wooden bench listening to a pastor preaching “Hellfire and Brimstone”. I can’t speak for you, but I don’t think I would gain much knowledge under such situations. If I had to spend 2 hours on Sunday morning looking appropriate for the church congregation, I don’t think I would arrive with a grateful heart. The Bible teaches us that Jesus came “seeking that which was lost and healing those that were sick”. Welcome and accept people, just as they are. Invite people to church, just as they are. It doesn’t matter if they wear shorts, have long hair, tattoos, ear rings, wear a hat, have a bad attitude or even smell a little funny. God loves them just as they are. So should we.

Please continue to pray that I will get over this depression. Also, pray for those in Middle Eastern countries. We know that there will never be peace there, but we can pray for those who are affected. Also, while you’re at it, pray for yourself. Pray that you will humble yourself to reach out to others where they are, how they are living and not be judgmental of them. Remember, when they are open and receptive, you can spread the word of Christ to them.

God Bless You All, Grant




  1. good work here. I’ll be praying.

    • Thanks for everything Steve. Without you, Jim and Scott keeping me on track, I would surely be derailed. Love you brother.

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