Posted by: grantahelms | December 13, 2012

The New Branch

2:15 PM

Today a new branch is appearing on my family tree. My grandson, Evan. As I sit here patiently waiting, many thoughts flood my mind. Will he be healthy? Will he grow to love me? What will I teach him as he grows? Will I teach him better than I did my own sons? Don’t misunderstand, I have many children that call me Papa, Pawpaw, Grampy. But Evan is my first. This is a big deal! I am almost more excited than I was for my own children. As new thoughts come to my head throughout the course of the day, I will write more. I am very happy to share this with you.

3:15 PM

Yay! We have been kicked out! All the meds have been administered, the water is broken and she is dilated to 10 centimeters. Soon, very soon, he will be here. It has been a long road to get to this point. Seems like yesterday that I was at Charlotte Memorial waiting on my son to be born. Now he is going to be a proud father. I hope that I can be a big help to him, just like my father was to me. Advice, money, spiritual guidance and mental relief as possible. I’ll be back later. Hopefully with a picture!

3:55 PM

565414_258598500935338_952129736_nHe’s here! He has finally made his appearance! Don’t know if I’m prejudiced, but he’s the most beautiful baby in the world. He is perfect. Now the butterflies start. Now my new journey has begun. I started as a son. Then became father. Then husband. Now grandfather. Oh my God, I’m getting old! I pray that I am prepared for this. Thanks to all those that are there for me.To my wife, my church family and all my close friends, thank you from the depths of my heart for your support.

7:30 PM

This is my final entry in this post. I have finally gotten to hold my grandson, and I was correct…..he is perfect! He is definitely going to be a blessing to us all. Thanks for all the well wishes and support. Mama and baby are fine.



  1. You go, grampa! Congrats to Scottie and Kayla. Welcome, Evan

  2. Well, congratulations! That is great news.

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