Posted by: grantahelms | June 18, 2013

Flash In The Pan: Buffet

As Harold and his wife wandered aimlessly down the beach, the words emitting from his wife’s mouth just floated away into space. How was he suppose to pay attention to her with all these scantily clad women soaking up the sun. Nowhere on Earth had he ever seen so many thongs. Had he died and gone to Heaven? Was this a view of the buffet he could have enjoyed? As they sat and ordered their drinks at the tiki bar, Jimmy Buffett was playing Wasting Away again in Margaritaville in the background. As he sipped his Rum and Coke, a beautiful brunette with a very, very full figure walked past him. While he stared at her and fantasized, his wife raised her cup high and toasted him in the right temple. Suddenly, all his thoughts disappeared as he crumpled into a lifeless heap of flesh.


Thank you for reading the second installment for Flash In The Pan. The word to use was Buffet with a max count of 150 words. I used 143. Thanks for reading and please bear with me as I try to finish this for an opportunity to be published.




  1. Excellent! We are racking up bodies in this book!

  2. Blew out his flip flops too! Hah!

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