Posted by: grantahelms | June 18, 2013

Flash In The Pan: Diner

Anxiously she gazed at each person who entered the diner. Why did this person want to meet her here? What was it all about? All she knew was that she had received a note that read ” I have information about your father”. That in itself had instantly drawn her attention. She had never met her father. He had died in Vietnam shortly before her birth. So she thought. Was her life a series of lies?

worth it

Hi. Welcome to my shot at flash fiction. For those of you that don’t know what flash fiction is, it is basically a definitive flash of a story. Doesn’t necessarily have to be any certain part of a story. Anyone interested in reading or adding their flashes, check out Flash In The Pan on M3. The word for this flash was diner. Max word count was 75 words. I was right on the money. Hope you enjoyed.


  1. No, it is not all lies. He did not die. The person they thought was her father was someone who was set to ship home in two weeks. When he was killed, her father switched dogtags with him and came home to a fresh start… without her mother.

    Great flash!

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