Posted by: grantahelms | June 19, 2013

Flash In The Pan: Sommelier

After returning home from war, a decorated veteran decides to take his wife to a fancy French restaurant. ” Waiter, get the bartender to pour me a drink.” As the waiter turns, he responds ” Yes sir, but he is a sommelier”. Slowly the soldier stands and walks to the wine room. Three shots ring out and the soldier returns. “What did you do?” asked his wife. “Wasn’t sure about the Somalian, so I killed them all”.


75 words on the head. Must be getting good at this. Try it out for yourself at Flash in the Pan, and see what others are writing. Thanks.


  1. Bwahaha! Oh, this one made my cheeks hurt!

  2. Very creative and clever!

  3. I love your sense of humor.

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