Posted by: grantahelms | June 21, 2013

Flash In The Pan: Fork

It was the summer of 1967. The summer of love. And Johnny had endured enough. He was tired of his father’s overbearing nature. So at the ripe old age of 15, he packed his things and left home. The first two hours were uneventful, and then he reached a fork in the road. As he stood and gazed into the distance both ways, he couldn’t decide which way to go. He began to remember what his father had said. ” Life is about choices. The choices that you make, decide the direction you will travel”. Was this piece of advice really suppose to help. His father had always told him what to do and where to go. Now that he was a man, he had to make his own choice. It wasn’t easy. After three hours, he had made his decision. He picked up his bag, turned around and went home to his family.


     Welcome to this installment of Flash in the Pan on M3. The word was fork and the maximum word count was 150. I used them all. Please visit the link to read what others are writing and to learn how to flash yourself.


  1. He probably knew he had not packed anything to eat.

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