Posted by: grantahelms | June 23, 2013

Flash In The Pan: Crystal

As she walked out of the grocery store, tired from a 10 hour shift, Rebecca wondered how she would be able to finish out the night. Since her husband had been laid off from his job, life had been crazy for her. As she pulled in behind the building at her second job, her thoughts were on her husband and two little girls. Everyone greeted her as she entered the building and started preparing for her shift. Now it was time. As she walked out on the stage and grabbed the pole, Rebecca faded into the distance and Crystal Delight took over.



Thank you for visiting Flash in the Pan sponsored by M3. The word is crystal, and the max word count is 100. I used all 100. Visit the link to read what others are writing and to learn how to do it yourself. It has been a wonderful experience for me.


  1. Very good portrayal of something which happens everyday.

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