Posted by: grantahelms | June 25, 2013

Flash In The Pan: Scurvy

It had been a wonderful day aboard the Scurvy Dog. After collecting a good haul of flounder, Thomas was excited to take his wife out to dinner. As they rounded the bend on the wharf, an unkempt man wielding a knife jumped in their path. It was apparent to them that they were going to die, as the man began relating to them about the man who had hired him. As he finished his tale and raised the knife, a bullet entered his mouth and exploded the back of his head. They spun quickly, but their rescuer had disappeared.

scurvy dog

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Flash in the Pan for M3. Scurvy was the final word for June. The word count maximum was 100. I came in at 99. To see what others are writing or to learn how to write flash fiction, follow the Flash link. Thanks again for bearing with me.



  1. Premium. I like it when the bad guy gets it anonymously.

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