Posted by: grantahelms | July 17, 2013

Other side of the Mountain: A book idea

This is a flash idea that I had for a book. Please read and comment about your likes and dislikes.

As the morning fog burned off in the Appalachian Mountain range, Johnny was able to see the rooftops of Mountain City, Tennessee. It had been a week since he had started his new life. At 46 he felt too old to be doing this, but he was finally living his boyhood dream. He was on his way to Montana to become a ” Mountain Man”. For 25 years he had been a devoted husband and father. For 25 years he put everything on the back burner for the good of the family. Now it was his time. As he refilled his coffee, he remembered the look on his wife’s face when he said he was leaving. ” Are you friggin” crazy? What did you do with my husband? What about the grandchildren? What about me?” After years of placing his feelings on hold, he had much to say. He was tired of “commercialized” worship. He was tired of the children being whiners. He was tired of working everyday for minimum wage pay. He was tired of her complaining about the house, the car, the bills, their friends and anything else that may pop into her mind at a moments notice. He loved her, but he was tired. So when the time came, he let her have it. ” I’m tired of living for others. Now it is my time.” And with that, he walked out the door and got in his truck. As he drove away, he saw her fall to her knees and start crying . It took all of his self-control to stand strong. It was hard to turn his back on everything that he had worked for over half his life. But it was time. After negotiating with the salesman at the pawn shop, he walked away $ 1,200 richer. Now only one deal had to be completed. As he pulled in at Bert’s farm, he saw the stallion tethered and waiting. The freshly soaped saddle glistened in the sun, as well as the stock on the .44 caliber lever-action rifle. As he gathered his belongings and tied them on behind the saddle, Bert walked up to him. As Johnny handed him the truck keys and signed title, Bert had to question him one last time. ” Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Slowly Johnny replied. “No. I’m not sure what I am doing. All I know is that I am following MY dreams. I don’t know if this will work out, but if I fail, I can at least say that I tried.” With that said, he mounted the horse and began to ride down the driveway. Now as he gazed over the Tennessee side of the mountains, finishing his coffee and kicking out the fire, Johnny found that he felt content for the first time in years.

mtn pic


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to comment and critique. I have taken some time off and I am trying to find myself and where I want my blog to go. You can help me decide.

” Do you think that Johnny is right or wrong for the choice that he has made?”

” Could you see yourself doing something like this?”

” What dreams have you put aside for ” the greater good” ?”

Thanks again for reading and for your comments. God bless you all.





  1. I think Johnny is right. Life is too short to live entirely for others.

    I have done this.

    I have given up a lot, but not so much as to feel regret. If anything, living for my children has given me the perspective to have better dreams.

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