Posted by: grantahelms | July 18, 2013

Flash in the Pan: Come

For two days Mary and Josh had searched New Orleans trying to find Charlie. Clues were easy to find for the first 3 days of his vacation. Around dinner time on the fourth day, he just vanished. As they entered the restaurant, Josh commented that the beans smelled extraordinary.  So they opted the have dinner there. When the chef had come to the table, Josh tried to get the bean recipe. Jokingly the chef said ” If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.” Little did they realize, as Josh pulled a ham bone from the beans, they had found Charlie.

ham bone (Large)

This is my second contribution to this quarterly Flash in the Pan. The word is come. Maximum word count is 100. I came in right at 100. For more info on Flash-ing or to read what others have written, check out the link to Flash in the Pan.



  1. Add another one to the body count.

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