Posted by: grantahelms | July 18, 2013

Flash in the Pan: Progress

As Detective Hodges looked around the room, the realization hit him like a rock. He had a bad officer on his team. Not just a bad officer, but a killer. The body on the floor had been mutilated. It almost looked like an autopsy. Every time they found a clue, something would happen to impede their progress. A spilled glass of water. The sprinklers going off by themselves. And most recently, a fire in the waste basket. Now he had to closely examine his team, and hope to catch the killer without scaring them off.



This is the third installment of Flash in the Pan. The key word is progress and the maximum word count is 100. I came in at 97. For more information on doing Flash Fiction or to read what others have written, click the link to FTP.



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