Posted by: grantahelms | September 21, 2013

Flash In The Pan: Right

Grady woke up in a cold sweat. Why was he dreaming about this now? It had been 25 years since he left Vietnam. He had never dreamed about anything that happened there. Maybe it was because the doctor made him quit drinking. Maybe it was because the preacher told him to lose the marijuana. He was no longer numb. Now the sights of his last kill were coming back to him. Now he realized that he had not killed the right man. Now he knew who murdered his commanding officer.

The flash word was right. Word limit was 100. I used 90. This is my newest murder for Flash in the Pan. To see what others are writing or to learn how to Flash, check out the M3 blog.



  1. Amazing how far we can go to forget those things too horrific to remember.

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