Posted by: grantahelms | October 16, 2013

Flash in the Pan: Travel

Jason was excited. This was his first mission trip. He and the group that he is part of are on their way to help a remote village in the dense forests of Columbia. Medical supplies, farming equipment and the tools to help them build some new buildings. He had heard many horror stories of the rebel forces that terrorized the paths that were called roads. So far, so good. And despite the ruts in the road, travel was nice. As the sounds of Kumbaiyah drifted out the bus windows, no one noticed the first of the RPG’s streaking toward them.

Welcome again to Flash in the Pan. This is an event sponsored by the M3 blog. To view what others are writing, or to learn how to Flash, follow the link provided. Flash word is travel and maximum word count is 150. I came in at 100.



  1. Roadkill. Interesting…

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