Posted by: grantahelms | December 1, 2013

Delusional (100)

It had been months since he had seen another human, much less talked to one. Had the loneliness finally made him delusional. With all the snowfall, he had braved the elements coming to the hot springs to try to get a shot at a deer. As he peered over the embankment, he was surprised to find the only doe here was of the two-legged variety. As he slowly gazed at the beauty, she spoke once again.”Are you going to wash my back or not?”

Welcome to the new quarter of Flash in the Pan. Last quarter I killed everyone. This time I have decided not to kill anyone. Maybe I have become delusional also. Flash word is delusional. Maximum word count is 100. I came in at 82. Please visit the M3 blog to read what others are writing and to learn how to Flash for yourself.


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