Posted by: grantahelms | December 26, 2013

Demented (150)

Victoria was furious. Somewhat dismayed. She had always considered her son a little demented, but this was too much. When he was two and pulled all the heads off his sister’s Barbie’s, it was the terrible two’s. Or when he was 5 and drowned all the kittens? He was trying to bathe them. Maybe when he was 8 and used fire crackers to explode frogs. But her personal favorite had been when he was 12. He had knocked out 5 teeth and broken the arm of a child that had called him crazy. Since then he had been heavily medicated and wasn’t allowed into public schools.

After 10 years of medication and therapy, she was happy with the progress that he had made. He almost seemed normal by modern standards. But now, she was considering  sending him to the asylum for good. What choice did she have?

He had voted Democrat!


Sorry to anyone that I offended. This is about political as I get. Just wait, I’ll get around to poking fun at Republicans also. This is just another Post for Flash in the Pan. The word is demented. The maximum word count is 150. I came in at 142. The see what others are writing, or to see the Flash rules, visit Flash in the Pan at the M3 blog.



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