Posted by: grantahelms | December 31, 2013

Irrational (150)

It seemed completely irrational. How could he do this? What thoughts could be influencing his mind to make him do these crazy things? Was it drugs? Was it alcohol? Was he dying? No, surely he would have told someone. But something must be going on for him to be acting so crazy.

“I know,” his wife thought.”He’s been brain washed. That is the only logical solution.”

As the seconds counted down, Grant had time to reflect. It had been a long time for him to get to the point of letting go. But finally he was here. As he thought of his children and his grandson, the tap came on his shoulder. Slowly he emerged and soared into the great unknown. The space between Heaven and Hell. Finally he felt free. As the parachute opened, all he could think of was doing it again.

Flash word is irrational. Maximum word count is 150. I managed to get it with 140. To see what others are writing, or to view the Flash rules, please visit Flash in the Pan at the M3 blog.

“Is it crazy or irrational to want to have fun with life again?”

“Is it wrong to be happy?”

“What have you ever done that others thought was irrational, crazy or even stupid?”

As always, I love y’all. Comments are appreciated.


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