Posted by: grantahelms | December 31, 2013

Loco (100)

It was BJ’s first time riding in a professional rodeo. He should have known better when he saw the bulls name. LOCO? Surely the bull wasn’t crazy. After all, there were other bulls there with worse names. Widowmaker. Diablo. How bad could LOCO be?

As the gate opened, he quickly learned. After several jumps, twists and rolls he was thrown from the saddle. The rest was like a dream.

Now as he lay in his hospital bed, looking at the clowns in their immobilizers, he was thankful for a broken leg and a few cracked ribs.

This was the final word in this flash series. The word is loco. The maximum word count is 100. I came in at 96. Thank you for bearing with me till the end. To see what others are writing, or to view the flash rules, visit Flash in the Pan at the M3 blog. The book Disturbed should be available online on February 1, 2014. Thank you all.


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