Posted by: grantahelms | January 23, 2014

All for nothing

This was just great! Matt had all the tools he needed for the job. Air compressors, table saws, miter saws, assorted sanders in all different shapes and sizes. Nail guns of all sizes from 3″ framing to pin nailers. He had jointers, edgers, routers and planes.  Hand drills, stand drills, jigsaws and scroll saws. He had never been so prepared for a job. He had lined up a crew of guys who were ready to work. All he was missing was one ingredient. Without electricity it was all for nothing.

Yep, you’ve got it! It’s Flash time again. This quarter we will be flashing about something near and dear to my heart: Boys and their toys. I should be able to write these with no problem. If you have missed it before, Flash in the Pan is a link at the M3 blog for prospective writers to submit flash fiction for a chance to be published. Most of the time it’s fun and the rules are simple. The Flash word this week is tools. The maximum word count is 100. I pulled it off in 89. If you are interested in seeing what others are writing, or to see the submission rules, click the link above. Have a good week, and happy writing.

“Have you ever been prepared to start something and one thing can shut you down?”

“How do you cope with issues beyond your control?”

“What is your favorite tool?”

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