Posted by: grantahelms | January 23, 2014

Hide and Seek

It had been three excruciatingly long days. They had searched everywhere. Living room. Dining room. Bedrooms. Kitchen. Even the bathrooms. It was nowhere to be found. The whole family was disturbed at its loss. As the popcorn cooks, Mom grabs a bowl. There, inside the bowl, is the television remote.

Isn’t that like the remote? To be sleeping in the popcorn bowl. All this commotion, and it didn’t even know it was lost. Like I said, Flash can be fun. The Flash word is remote. The word count for this “hot flash” is 50. I nailed it on the head. Come join us at Flash in the Pan. See what others are writing and find the submission rules for adding your own flashes. Have a great week.

“Has your television remote ever disappeared?”

“Where did you find it? Or did you find it?”

“Did you find out how it got there?”


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