Posted by: grantahelms | January 27, 2014

Hidden blessings

Johan was mad! Why did he have to take care of the dog? Of course he had asked for it, but Bobby’s dad took care of their dog. It was Bobby’s, but if he didn’t do it his Dad would take care of it. Not Johan’s dad though. He made Johan walk the dog in the morning, feed and water him twice a day, and then walk it again in the evening. It wasn’t fair! As he watched it squat once again, something bright caught his eye.In an old pile of poop was his favorite marble that had been missing.

This is my third installment for this series of Flash in the Pan, sponsored by the M3 blog. To see what others have written, or to see the flash rules, click the link and find an outlet for your mind. The flash word was marble and the maximum word count was 100. I came in at exactly 100.

“Have you ever wanted something so bad but found it to be monotonous when you got it?”

“Have you ever had to care for something that others wanted?”

“Have you ever found something you had lost in the most unusual place?”

Join us next time when I decide how to use the word car. Till then, God bless you all.



  1. Oh my Grant, you made me chuckle with this one. So, did he grab the marble?

    • Of course. Wouldn’t you?

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