Posted by: grantahelms | January 31, 2014

Free Bird

It had been a crazy night. But it was all over now. Johnny had lost his job. When he arrived home, he found that his wife had left him. The silence was deafening. Maybe a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in his car would do him some good. It was relaxing. Time to think. As he drove into the darkness, wind in his hair, Free Bird came on the radio. When he reached to turn the volume up, he went through the guard rail. Now he spread his arms like a Free Bird waiting on the fiery impact below.

I guess it’s not meant to be. I thought I could get through one book without killing someone. Oh well. Maybe it will drive the sales up. This is my latest installment for Flash in the Pan which is gratefully sponsored by the M3 blog. The flash word is car and the maximum word count is 100. As hard as it sometimes is, I managed 100 words once again. To see what others are writing, or to view the Flash rules, click the link above. Then have fun unleashing all the beautiful, crazy, or demented thoughts floating in your head. Happy writing. Grant

” What song has had a huge impact (maybe not like Johnny’s) in your life?”

” Where is your favorite place to get away and think?”

” What would you do in Johnny’s situation? Would you panic or let go?”







  1. What a way to twist it Grant! Love this one.

    Actually I have several songs, all depends on the mood. Yesterday while driving in the car with a friend of ours I put one of them on and the two of us sang along and laughed uproariously.

    Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.

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